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Youth Development and Entrepreneurship Institute of Africa [YDEIafrica] is a solution driven institute which believes that socio-economic solutions of Africa will come from its people, the children, youth and women of Africa. The word “institute” for us is derived from the Latin word institutum and its past participle instituere meaning “build”, “create”, “raise” or “educate”. That is exactly what our business is about, build youth, create enterprises, raise awareness and educate for life.

At YDEIafrica, we do not just research & promote comprehensive youth development and entrepreneurship development, we do youth development and youth entrepreneurship development. We do not ask whether entrepreneurs are born or made as we believe that giving youth a chance and skills will make them successful entrepreneurs. We develop the “jockey” and “the horse” by conceptualizing, developing, piloting and executing youth development and particularly entrepreneurship development projects that transform lives and incorporate youth from underdeveloped communities in South Africa into mainstream economy. We give youth an opportunity to be innovative and create start-ups whilst we create a supporting environment for development.


4 Poplar Avenue, Broadacres AH, Sandton, 2055


+27 (0) 78 713 9048



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